Family First Uganda

Parent Empowerment
Child Education
Equipping vulnerable families to break the cycle of poverty and dependency.

Our Programs


Parent Empowerment

Family First provides an intensive, year-long program that equips parents to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential through biblical discipleship, counseling, education, small business training, and a startup loan.


Early Childhood Education

Family First offers an innovative, Bible-based preschool program, preparing the most vulnerable children in our community for a lifetime of success in education. ggggg ggggg ggggg gggggg ggg gggggggggggggggggg



Family First creates a safe, loving space for young children to receive quality nutrition and time to develop through play while their parents work to start a new business. ggggg ggggg ggggg gggggg ggggggggggggggggg

The Essence of Family First

We Focus on the Whole Family

Our year-long program works with the whole family to break the cycle of poverty and dependency.  We understand the complex web of barriers that make it difficult for families to change their situation: parents cannot leave young children alone while they work, children cannot attend school without paying fees, parents cannot build financial security without business literacy, broken people need God’s love to find hope and healing. Our holistic program addresses the needs of the soul, mind, and body to support deep, life-changing transformations.

We Support Without Creating Dependency

Our program helps parents dismantle internal and external barriers that keep their vulnerable families dependent on outside aid. Parents are inspired to believe in God’s plan for their lives and are equipped with the training and support needed to provide for their families and live in harmony with their community.

We Invest in the Future

We invest in the faith and education of the children, building a solid foundation for their future. We provide one year of free preschool and daycare so the children can learn and grow while their parents work to build a business and save for school fees.

Our Team

Family First is deeply committed to working as closely as possible with the community that we serve. We only hire people who represent the families in our programs and invest heavily in our Ugandan and refugee team. They are a diverse group who share a passion to serve and minister to the most vulnerable families in Kampala.

Parents Empowered
Preschool Kids
Businesses Started
Daycare Kids
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