Early Childhood Education


Early Education is vital for all children. Sadly, in Uganda, only a tenth of all children between ages 3 and 5 are enrolled in pre-primary education (Unicef). Access to early childhood education is incredibly challenging for the vulnerable families in our community. Ugandan nationals can send their children to local schools. However, these schools require significant upfront costs for uniforms, mandatory supplies, and transportation. The barriers for refugee families are higher because they must pay inflated fees to access local schools. The catastrophic outcome is that the children in our community are being shut out of education and locked into a life of poverty and dependency.


Family First offers an innovative outreach program that gives quality early childhood education to the most vulnerable students in our community. Each child in our preschool has a parent in our Parent Empowerment Program working to build a future for their family and save for their child's education. By the end of our year-long program, each child is ready to succeed in their future education. The combined parent/child model of Family First clears the path to a brighter future free from poverty and dependency for the entire family.


The Family First Preschool provides a foundation in English, reading, and math; but more than anything, we want our students to understand that they are a loved child of God. Our curriculum is infused with biblical stories and principles, and not a day goes by without our children hearing the message of the gospel. 

The final goal of our preschool program is to provide generous servings of high-quality, nutritious meals to each child. During the school day, each child receives a healthy breakfast, lunch, and all the pure, clean water they can drink. We know that kids with empty bellies cannot learn well, so we ensure that no child goes hungry at our school.

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