The Family First daycare center is an essential part of our mission to equip vulnerable families to break the cycle of poverty and dependency. Can you imagine starting a business with a baby tied to your back? What would you do if you needed to go to work but had no safe place to leave your toddler? These are the challenges that the majority of our parents face daily. To support parents in their goal of starting a sustainable business and keep the most vulnerable children safe, Family First opened a daycare center. 

Our center is a safe, loving space for young children to grow and thrive while their parents work to start a new business.  Like our preschool, the daycare is a free resource for those enrolled in our Parent Empowerment Program. Children receive quality nutrition and time to develop through play and exploration. Our teachers are trained in the best practices to educate young children so they are ready to thrive when they enter preschool.

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