Early Childhood Education

Early Education for kids 3 to 5 years old is a vital and necessary resource. However, in Uganda only a tenth of children between 3 and 5 are enrolled in formal pre-primary education. Preschools are predominantly privately-run and very expensive (Unicef.org). Due to multiple factors including closure of preschools due to COVID-19 and financial limitations, access to early childhood education is not an option for the vulnerable families in our community. The catastrophic result is that the kids in our community are being left behind in education.

To provide education for vulnerable children, Family First offers an innovative outreach program bringing lifelong education directly to the student. Our teachers move from house to house to teach 3- to 5-year-old kids in small groups. Each child in our Early Education program has a parent in our Adult Outreach. Our main desire is to improve the long-term prospects for these kids and ensure that they are prepared to enter public school. Our Basic but engaging curriculum can easily be taught in the home and focuses on three core subjects: English, reading, and math. By the end of the year-long program, the child will be prepared to succeed in first grade. Their parents will have saved for school fees and will be able to support their continued education through their successful business.